~ Amilcare Santini ~
Amilcare Satini 1910 - 1975. Born near the city of Florence in Tuscany. At the age of twelve he became an apprentice to the sculptor Colombini. He traveled to Florence and attended the university for three years where he was instrumental in developing the process of combining marble, alabaster and resin. The material is poured into rubber molds made by Santini, and after it hardens while sitting at room temperature, the figurine is taken out of the mold and completely finished by hand in the artistic Italian tradition and style that the great masters of marble handled through the ages. The marble and alabaster are found in the quarries near Volterra. The marble is originally black veined, however it is carefully checked to eliminate any black spots and is then pulverized before the resin is added, to complete the process. Today his son Nedo Santini and grandson Alberto Santini are the next generation of the Santini Family carrying on the tradition of producing these beautiful Italian works of art. Santini was considered one of the finest sculptors of the period.

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