All interested puppy buyers must first fill out a puppy adoption application before we will consider
placing a Foxhunt puppy with you.
We strive to find the “perfect forever” homes for our babies!
Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions, now & for the life of your puppy.
Foxhunt puppies are very versatile, highly intelligent with good solid temperaments. They are
extremely loyal, eager to please and will do well as show, performance, breeding, working, therapy,
service, guide or pet dogs.

How much do Foxhunt puppies cost?

The price for our puppies varies for pet quality (Limited registration) and for breed/show quality (Full

How & when will I pick my puppy?

Each puppy is evaluated at 6 weeks old, at that time we will put together a file for puppy selection. The file will contain a
recent photo, price of puppy, evaluation scores, a description of the structure, coat color, pigment & personality for each
puppy. The file will then be sent to each person as it becomes their turn to select their puppy.

Will my puppy be healthy & does my puppy come with a guarantee?

Please understand that all living creatures have 7.2 genetic defects. We strive greatly for the best genetic health we can
produce, nothing however, is 100% and anybody that tries to tell you differently is a lair, plain and simple. Some breeders
(of any breed of dog) may choose close their eyes to the genetics of their lines, we here at Foxhunt White Shepherds embrace
the idea of genetics, by charting every litter before we do a breeding the first time. We, the breeders of this magnificent white
dog have a wonderful resource for this, the "White Shepherd Genetic Project" is a wonderful tool we have at our fingertips
and is a world re noun website. Among other health testing, all our dogs are OFAed and/or PennHipped before breeding and
our puppy contract is one of the best in the dog world. We are also involved in any genetic research pertaining to our
wonderful breed. Genetics and temperament are of the utmost importance to us here at Foxhunt White Shepherds. But even
with all our careful charting and precautions every once in awhile some genetic problem, hidden in the lines will rear it's ugly
head. That's why we feel the need to have such an in depth contract that covers the genetics of our puppies as well as other
aspects of importance to all the parties concerned including the Foxhunt puppy. If you haven't read our "Puppy Contract"
We urge you to do so, it does outline responsibilities on the part of the breeder and the puppy buyer.

Once you purchase a Foxhunt puppy we're here for you, to help in any way we can for the life of your puppy. We feel
responsible for each and every puppy we produce and strive to be sure every Foxhunt puppy lives a long, happy and healthy

What do I feed my puppy?

All of our puppies are started on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Food. There will be a sample bag of puppy food in your
puppy kit. We do recommend that you remove your baby from puppy food by 6 months old & begin feeding adult dog food.

When will my puppy be able to come home?

Your baby can come home a couple days after his 8 week well puppy check. If you are picking your baby up, we will have a
puppy pick up party the first Saturday after their well puppy check. Please plan to come and stay for a few hours, we will eat
lunch, the new parents can socialize & your babies can get to know you a little bit before they leave with you. I think this is
important & helps to make the transition a bit less stressful for them.

Can I ship my puppy?

Yes, we do offer shipping with Delta Airlines. If your puppy is shipping I will need to know the name of the nearest large
airport to you so that I can make flight arrangements. We only ship with Delta, they have always been good to our puppies
& I trust them over any other airline. All shipping costs are your responsibility, including the cost of the shipping crate &
airline kit ($100.00), airline health certificate ($40.00) and postage to send your puppy kit ($20.00). Shipping usually costs
between $300.00 – $400.00, you can either pay the shipping charge COD when the baby arrives or you can include the
shipping cost in your payment for the puppy. We do not charge any extra for shipping, only what the actual airline charge
is. If I pay the shipping I can get Delta Dash which allows the puppy not to have to be at the airport as early so he/she
doesn't have to be in the crate any longer than necessary, I can also have the airline bill filled out ahead of time and that
saves you $10.00 & me some time at the airport. If we will be shipping your baby I will need to collect payment at 4 weeks of
age & mail out your puppy kit by the time he is 7 weeks old. You will need to receive their puppy kit before he gets home &
he will need his shipping crate by 6 weeks so that they can begin crate training in their shipping crate. This will make them
less stressed when it comes time to ship. Your baby's crate will have a sticker right over the door that says “Foxhunt White
Shepherds”, so you know for sure you have the right crate. There will be a leash on top of the crate in an envelope. Your
puppy will need to potty ASAP, almost all of the babies we ship make it without going potty in their crate, so he will need to
go potty right away. Please don't forget call me as soon as you have your baby safely in your arms.

When do I pay for my puppy?

If you are picking your puppy up, as you arrive, we will sit down & go over your puppy kit with you & you can keep your
puppy with you at that point so he/she will get to know you. You will pay for your baby at that time, please add $20.00 to
the price of the puppy for the microchip registration into your name, 10.00 for your puppy's lifetime microchip tag & 56.00
for a 3 month supply of NuVet (this is mandatory for the first 90 days). We only except cash at the puppy pick up party, we
will provide you with a receipt. I'm sorry, we do not except personal checks at pick up time. If you would like to send a
personal check a week ahead of time so that it has time to clear that will be fine. We will email you an invoice & directions a
few weeks before the puppy party so you have time to plan your trip, etc...

If you are shipping your puppy, you will need to pay for him when he 4 weeks old so I can order his shipping crate in time
to start his crate training at 6 weeks, get his paperwork filled out into your name & send his puppy kit ahead of him by
United States Postal Service so it's there when he arrives home. We will email you an invoice when your puppy is 4 weeks old.

What should I bring when I pick up my puppy?

Whether you are picking up your baby here or at the airport, we do suggest that you bring some Walmart bags, paper towels
& a bottle of resolve with you. Chances are very good you will not need it, but better to be safe, we want yours & the baby's
journey home to be a pleasant one.

Please do not stop at rest areas for potty breaks while traveling, every dog traveling stops
there and your baby could contract Parvo, even though he will have had 2 boosters, it's better to be safe & they really need
at least 3 boosters, 4 is even better to be safe. Parvo is a ugly way for a puppy to die & most do die, even with vet care.
Better to be safe. Stop at a gas station or restaurant and use the grass there, it's safer than the rest areas.

Bringing a couple empty gallon jugs (or as many as you want) to fill with my wonderful natural water here is a good idea,
then you can work slowly on the transferring of water from our water to yours. If you are on city water, we recommend that
you filter your dogs water.

What do I need to purchase before my puppy comes home?

Your puppy will come with a nice red, white & blue stars & stripes starter collar with their microchip tag on it & a matching
leash so you won't have to worry about purchasing a new collar & leash right away. There will be a small bag of puppy food
in his puppy kit along with a chew bone. You will need to purchase a couple of dishes for food & water, a dog crate (28"  x
42"  is a good size for your puppy's lifetime), some interactive toys, chew bones & toys. We don't recommend buying a
stuffed bed for his crate right away, good chance he will tear it up, just an old blanket works well.

Will my puppy be microchipped?

Yes, he will be microchipped at his 8 week well puppy check. We will check his microchip before you leave here with him, so
you can see it scanned. These numbers have been checked & rechecked & checked again. If your baby is shipping, we will
scan his chip before he leaves for the airport, just to check again. Though they rarely ever do, it is possible for a microchip
to migrate inside the dog, we recommend that you have your vet scan it at every yearly visit just to be sure, remember, this
is your dog's voice to get home should he become lost.

Will my puppy be checked by a veterinarian before I bring him home?

Yes, the babies will go for their 8 week well puppy check at my vet, they will get their second 5 way vaccine, their Bordatella,
microchip, fecal flotation & health exam. My vet will then provide a Florida State health certificate for each puppy, if the
puppy is to ship they will also get their Airline health certificate at that time. We will then hold the babies for a couple days
just to be sure that there's no reaction to the vaccines (though we have never had a pup have any reactions, I still like to be
sure) or loose stools due to the stress of the vet visit. It's a big visit and is a little stressful for them.

When will my puppy need to see my veterinarian?

We recommend that your baby meet your veterinarian inside the 3 day well puppy guarantee per our puppy contract.
However, he "WILL NOT" need any vaccines at that time! This is just a well puppy check so your veterinarian can meet
your puppy & get his record there started. Your babies will need another booster shot 3 weeks after their well puppy check
they have at my vet just before they go home, we will give you the next vaccination date before he comes home. Please make
your appointment with your vet in advance so they get in to your vet on time. This is so very important. At least one more 3
weeks later will be needed. Your baby will come with a Florida State Health Certificate from my vet & a health record from
me, these will say what the baby has had for boosters & wormings. Please bring these with you to your first vet appointment
& be sure to give them to the Vet, not the front desk. You want to be sure the vet sees them before he treats your baby.
These papers will be in the file in your puppy kit. If your puppy is shipping it will be in the envelope with the leash on top of
the crate.

What is the difference between a White Shepherd, White German Shepherd Dog, Berger Blanc
Suisse  & a Swiss White Shepherd?

Well, that's a very good question. I guess that depends on who you ask & what Country you are from, but here are the facts
& our philosophy...
The BBS (Berger Blanc Suisse), SWS (Swiss White Shepherd), WS (White Shepherd) & WGSD (German Shepherd Dog,
color white) are all by DNA the same dog. There are some BBS & SWS's that have more angles than others, there are those
WS that have more angles than others & the same goes for the WGSD. If I were to take several photos of several of these
white dogs from each "breed name" anyone would mix them up, as they are all the same breed. The standards & pedigrees
are even pretty close. There are some who want breed separation in the US from the WS & WGSD. Then there are a handful
of those who also want breed separation between the WS, WGSD, BBS & the SWS. The realistic view is that they are all the
same dog, simply differing on names depending on which Country & registry you are using. If you read the FCI standard of
the BBS & SWS it states that these dogs originated from the US & Canada. However, in Europe there was no such a breed
of dog as a GSD color white so it was easier for them to get the white dogs registered as a new breed in their Countries. Here
in the US it is much more political as the AKC does recognize the white dogs as a GSD though they are a disqualifying color
of the GSD breed & therefore not allowed in the AKC breed ring. This is due to the Parent Club of the GSD, the German
Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA), they own the AKC GSD breed & the AKC GSD breed standard here in the US.
They will not allow the white dogs to split from the GSD breed. At least not until
all of the white dogs come together as a
single breed wanting separation from the GSD. However, in UKC the white dogs have been given the opportunity to split
from the GSD breed if they so desire. All imported BBS & SWS are UKC registered as a WS. Leaving the white dogs with
many slightly different standards & names. However, through DNA they are
all the same breed of dog. For example, one of
my American bred WS Foxhunt dogs was recently taken over to Europe, shown so a qualified FCI Judge could say "yes,
that dog fits the standard of the BBS" & was then granted registration as a FCI BBS. How could this be if they are not the
same breed & they are so differently structured? If you look at the pedigrees of the American bred WS & WGSD they are
mostly the same lines crossed back & fourth, with the exception of those white dogs who have colored GSD's in their lines.

Our philosophy here at Foxhunt is that the health of the white dogs is much more important than the politics of a breed
name & while we would love to see the white dogs (all of them) split from the GSD breed & to be recognized as their own
breed, to split  the white dogs apart from one another is not in their best interest where health is concerned. To continue to
split the white dogs from one another cuts the breeds diversity. How many times can we cut the diversity & still breed
healthy dogs? I think most people have at least a simple understanding of genetics so this should be a very simple question
for anyone. If we continue to keep breeding back to the same lines over & over how long can we expect the white dogs will
survive & be healthy? Isn't the health & welfare of the white dogs here in the US the most important issue at hand? As a
puppy buyer, which would you be more interested in, the politics of a name or having a healthy dog to love?

There are some breeders here in the US that are trying to split the WS, WGSD, BBS & SWS into separate breeds & some
have basically imported BBS/SWS breeding programs to the US.  Some of these breeders are going as far as to call the BBS
& SWS a "rare breed" so they can charge phenomenal prices for their puppies.

General Information -

The babies will all begin crate training at 6 weeks old, we encourage you to wear and old t-shirt for a day then fold it up and
put it in a ziplock bag and send it to us, we will begin placing it in their crates with them a few days before they go home. It
will be returned to you in your puppy kit if you are picking up your puppy, if you are shipping your puppy it will be sent
back to you in the crate with the baby. Your puppy kit will include a baby blanket that is also sealed in a ziplock bag, it has
been in with the puppies & rubbed all over the mama dog so it smells familiar, please do not open this blanket until it is
time for bed the first night at home. This will help to relieve stress the first couple of nights. Your baby will already be used
to going to bed in their crate & coupled with the blanket, they should go to sleep pretty easily without much fuss. They will
be used to holding their potty for about 3 1/2 - 4 hours in their crates by the time they go home. That's about as long as
their little bladders can hold it at that point, over the first weeks at home that time will increase about an hour a week,
maybe a bit more. When your puppy wakes up and fusses to go out pick him up out of his crate and carry him outside
where you want him to potty in the yard, give him time to potty then pick him back up and carry him back to his crate and
put him back in the crate right away so he knows it's not time to get up and play yet. You want him to get used to being
crated while your sleeping & to work into your family schedule.