Daya x Rigby litter arrived 1/28/2024


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We expect great solid temperaments, extremely high intelligence, good health, beautiful,
show/breed, performance & pet puppies!

~ Accepting adoption applications ~

Interested in one of these litters?
Go to our
Puppies Page
and fill out our puppy adoption application. Once approved  we will contact you to let you know
you are approved. We will at that time talk about what it is your looking for in a Foxhunt 
puppy. You will be placed on our puppy wish list and will be notified as soon as the puppies
arrive. We will then keep you updated with photos of the litter so that you may watch them
grow. We want you to feel as involved as possible as the babies are growing...
Feel free to contract us anytime!
Please note... These are projected breedings for this year, on occasion the stud
dog may change.

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