I'm Walker, the Red Collar Puppy
I was the sixth born
I'm a boy
I was born at 5:00 am
I Weighed 1 lb. 1 3/4 oz.
I was 11" long

I'm 7 days old!
I weigh 2 lbs. 8 1/8 oz.
I'm 3 1/2 weeks
I weigh 6 lbs.
1 1/2 oz.
I'm 4 1/2
weeks old!
Updates from Home!
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Hello Scarlett,

Walker is taking a nap so I thought I would write and tell you how good he is.  He hasn’t had an accident in the house and he has
pooped and peed in his place in the yard, now he heads there when we go out!  He complained for about 15 seconds when we
went to bed and he slept through the night without a peep.  I took him out at 4 AM and he went potty then went right back in to his

Last night I gave him an ice cube.  He tried eating it and it slipped out of his mouth, then he pawed at it and it skiddered across
the floor so he sat down and barked at it.  He is so curious and funny!

He and Orsa are getting along so well.  I have to remind her to be gentle but they are playing and having a great time.  Orsa was
VERY interested in the smel of his baby blanket.  It’s amazing what they smell.  I’m sure she could smell each individual scent.

I had a chance to look over the things in Walkers bag.  The bag is beautiful!  I will be sure to use it a lot so people can see  
where Walker came from.  He also enjoys the pull toy.  His ear is back up again so he must be feeling less stressed from the
trip.    The love you have for your pups is amazing, You are really one awesome lady!

He really likes Tom too.  On the way home Tom passed him to me and closed the passenger dog.  Walker looked after him to
see where he went.  When Tom got in the car on the driver’s side he talked to him and Walker spun around as if to say ‘oh, there
you are!’.  He slept on my lap all the way but he scooted over and laid his head on Tom’s arm.  I think in less then one day, we
are a pack!

                                                                               Gotta run, I hear a little voice,
I'm a Plush coat
I'm 8 weeks old!
I weigh 15 lbs. 8 oz.
Walker is now four months old. He weighs 40 pounds and he is 21 inches tall. I also have an 8 year old GSD guide dog from a
guide dog school. Her name is Orsa. Walker and Orsa have gotten along since the moment they met
which is a good thing since we had an 8 hour drive together to get home.

Of course the first month was filled with sleepless nights and constantly taking things our of Walker's mouth. Now he is big
enough he can run around the yard with my older dog and they have a great time. It is so
wonderful to hear them both collapse after running after each other and wrestling.

He is one fine dog. I have never known a dog as intelligent as he is. He learns so quickly and he is so eager to learn. He has
already visited the Post Office, Winn dixie and taken a ride on the bus and ridden on an
elevator. When I teach him a new command I have both dogs together so the older one won't feel left out and so she can show
him what to do.

I am just delighted with this little, soon to be big guy and grateful to Scarlett for being such a fine breeder.

I'm a handsome boy
in my new service
My first time
shopping with
my mom.
Hi grandma Scarlett,

You will be so proud of your boy Walker!

I have patterned Walker to always walk along the left side of the road or sidewalk. Today we were out walking and we had
two events. The first was a car blocking a driveway. I was curious to see what Walker would do on his own. We came to the
parked car and he stopped. I said 'find a way' in a curious voice. He walked around the car and he went right back to the
sidewalk following the left side.

The second event we were walking along the road without a sidewalk and we came upon a parked truck. Again he walked
around it but he didn't walk down the middle of the road, he went right back over to the left edge.

I was so impressed at his problem solving skills! I praised him and gave him a big hug!!

We finally have delightful walking weather down here.  This morning it was 56 degrees!  I decided to walk the full mile and a
half around our development.  We took a detour and walked down a path through the undeveloped area  Walker came to a
telephone pole across the path and he came to a stop.  I told him he was a good boy and I stepped over it and then I had
him jump it.  That was a first experience for him.  He did great on the off road path.  

We came to a very quiet intersection in our subdivision this morning.  I heard a car coming so I waited to cross.  The car
stopped and the driver commented as to what a handsome dog Walker is and he asked about his training and how he did
with traffic.  I said that he could actually help us by waiting until I was half way across the street and then start to move his
car forward.  We did this and as I got half way the car moved forward. Walker immediately stopped and stepped in front of
me. I had never taught them this, it was just instinct.
That a boy Walker!

This boy just constantly amazes me. He is a silly boy too with a real sense of humor.

                                                                                                                                JODY & WALKER